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James Asher – Egyptian Halo


Egyptian Halo is the name of James Asher‘s new single. Hammered dulcimer leads the way into a contemplative soundscape, allowing time for reflection and stillness.

Reaching back above and beyond time there are deeply embedded former and future moments, which with an open mindset one can recall and explore.

The single is at the moment only available on Bandcamp: 

Vision and imagination are inextricably linked in a way that exchanges can be made in a positive way to feed the flow of creativity, both as a way of being and an applied practise. Making the choice to adopt a slower less frantic pace allows natural and more subtle movements of consciousness.

Egyptian Halo is now playing on New Age Stars Radio.

James Asher is a multi-instrumental composer and producer specialising in world beat and chillout music. Amongst his catalogue of over 30 successful albums his worldbeat album Feet in the Soil has sold over 250,000 copies, and interestingly but at the other end of the spectrum one of his early compositions has been sampled by Tyler the Creator, a high-profile American rapper, who for the second year running has won Grammy for best rap album 2022. Here is the Hip Hop song CORSO, where you can hear samples from Asher’s Oriental Workload.

For more information and music samples, visit james-asher.co.uk.

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