James Asher – Shaman’s Alamanac LP


Sleepers Records, a vinyl record label based in Berlin and Los Angeles, is known for its highly individual approach which is enterprising, eclectic and original. June 24th saw them release Shaman`s Alamanac by James Asher, in conjunction with his Starfield label.

James Asher`s music has proved popular, with sales of the bestseller Feet in the Soil exceeding 250,000. The most popular track from this is Send in the Drums which cracks off the vinyl release. This track has enjoyed over a million views on Youtube under the title

African Drums: Dance of the Soul.
Used by Swiss performance artist Ugo Rondinone for an art installation at a gallery in Paris

Appearing on vinyl is an exciting new departure for Asher`s work.

A Youtube commentator observed about this track “My cat listened to this track, now he`s a leopard!”

These tracks share a raw and earthy tribal feel, with an organic sense of purpose, community and celebration.

Other tracks on the release are:

On the Chariot
From the album Return of the Tiger.

Also on the drummy tribal tip, and with a profound energy and shamanic flavour.

With a nod to Middle Eastern rhythms and a driving momentum, the chariot makes its way boldy forward.

Red Rhythm Dragon
Also from Feet in the Soil

Fullon didge brings in this powerful gathering flavoured track.

The feeling of the tribes and their collective energy is very apparent.

Jungle Party
From On the the Good Foot, featuring percussion by Sandeep Raval and didge from Jason Salmon. Amidst the lively sounds of jungle wildlife, parrots and deep foliage there is the vibrant callings from balafon and answered by insistent and positive djembe and percussion.

Bedouin Wedding
From Shaman`s Almanac: Didge

Ebow guitar from Phil Thornton leads in this ceremonial flavoured track.

Off in the desert, the camels rest as the festivities begin with middle Eastern strings setting the scene, and the celebrations in full sway.

Atlantean Chant
From Shaman`s Almanac: Didge

Hypnotically engaging interlude with a chant from Aura-Soma`s Mike Booth.

Into the centrifugal evolution of the circularities and their inner spiral.

These tracks share a raw and earthy tribal feel, with an organic sense of purpose, community and celebration. Composed and produced with Asher`s unique approach to worldbeat music, and enjoying his crystal clear production values, the tracks are richly evokative and organically driven.

It recently has reached a much larger audience, having been sampled by Tyler the Creator, and appearing in the track Corso, from the album Call me if you get lost, which won grammy for best hiphop album this year.

For more information about the LP, visit sleepersrecords.com.