Jeff Pearce – Archive 1: Songs for the Gathering


Twenty years ago, Jeff Pearce released an album that very few people heard. Now, in 2020, that album is being released worldwide: “Archive 1: Songs for the Gathering”.

The album features music created for Jeff’s performance at the Gatherings Concert Series in Philadelphia in May of 2000.

The music ranges from the floating clouds of “Opening”, to the gentle melodicism of “Lattice of Memory” to the dark mystery of “Gathering the Seven Voices”, to the almost “Berlin-school”-style sequencer feel of “An Isle”- all performed on electric guitar.

“Over the years, I’ve received inquiries as to whether or not I might do an official release of “Songs for the Gathering”, and until recently, I’d not considered it,” says Jeff. “But given the perspective brought by 20 years of distance, I can hear not only previews of where I would eventually head on my ambient guitar path, but also a couple of songs that were the only ones of their kind in my catalog- like “An Isle”, which still remains one of the most enjoyable songs for me to play in a live setting.”

The album is available on Bandcamp (four of the songs are available for streaming):

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