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Jeff Pearce – Empty Beach


“Empty Beach” is a 55-minute piece of music recorded for the Star’s End radio program, and aired in the early morning of May 3, 2020.

“Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to cancel a trip to Philadelphia to perform at the Gatherings concert series,” says Jeff Pearce. “This is why I created the live concert video “Hidden Shores”:

“In past trips to Philadelphia, I would follow the Gathering concert with a trip to the WXPN studios to play a live on-air concert for the Star’s End radio program,” continues Jeff. “While I could not be there in person, I wanted to create a live set for Star’s End, so on April 30, 2020, I set up my gear, hit “record”, and created “Empty Beach”.”

Here is the result:

For more information and music samples, visit jeffpearcemusic.com