Jill Haley – Alaskan Soundscapes


As the Covid pandemic released its hold on travel in the US, multi-instrumentalist Jill Haley resumed her mission of traversing America and “musically documenting” the awe and beauty of the National Park system via artist-in-residence positions. On her latest release, she leaves the “lower 48” and travels to the largest of the country’s states, a land of unparalleled wonders.

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Subtitled Music for Wrangell-St. Elias and Kenai Fjords National Parks, Jill’s latest “musical travelogue” was inspired by both the natural beauty of these areas as well as (in Jill’s own words) “getting to know the strong, resilient people that inhabit this sometimes-harsh environment [which] influenced the creation of this music.”

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From the soothing acoustic guitar and English horn duet on “Resurrection Bay” (guitar by her husband, David Cullen) to the percolating cheerfulness of “Chanstnu” (one of several tracks featuring the Eykamp String Quartet), to the pensive solo piano album closer “Ribbons of Ice,” Haley continues to display warmth and intimacy in both her compositions and her playing, whether on woodwind, piano, or synthesizer.

As usual, David’s guitar perfectly complements these tunes, while the addition of the Eykamp String Quarter expands the palette of Haley’s styles into neo-classical romanticism. Alaskan Soundscapes is yet another chapter in her musical travel guide to the best that the American National Park system has to offer!

For more information and music samples, visit jillhaley.com.

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