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Jill Haley – The Canyons and Mesas of Bandelier


This is Jill Haley’s (oboe, English horn, piano, woodwinds) seventh album influenced by her artist-in-residence stays at American National Parks and Sites. Bandelier is a National Monument site and Jill was there for two weeks in October of 2019. As with her previous releases in this collection, she displays abundant talent on not just her more characteristic oboe and English horn, but once again impresses with her talent on the piano, including two pieces on which piano is the only instrument featured.

Press release by Higher Level Media

Joining Jill on assorted tracks are her husband, David Cullen (guitar) and his son Graham (cello), as well as Tony Deangelis on
drums and percussion. The guest artists all lend their unique musical gifts to the tracks they are featured on, crafting ensemble music that delights and captivates.

Jill composed all the tracks and her versatility in that regard is on abundant display as the music crisscrosses a variety of moods, tempos, and melodic styles. Let Jill Haley and her guest artists take you on a musical voyage exploring the beauty and wonder of nature.

You may sample every track of this wonderful album on Amazon.

For more information and music samples, visit jillhaley.com