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Jill Haley – Wrapped In Light


Jill Haley’s new album is called Wrapped In Light. The ten tracks are suffused with Jill’s usual warm melodies and feature superb musicianship from both she herself and her two guest artists: husband David Cullen (guitar and bass) and son Graham Cullen (cello). New for Jill, though, is the occasional inclusion of synthesizer to add a new depth and texture to four of the songs. The end result of all of this is music imbued with a deep-rooted sincerity and sense of reflection.

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Jill Haley is well known as one of the premier musical interpreters of the beauty of nature, as manifested by America’s National Parks via her National Park series of albums. Those recordings came from Jill’s series of “artist in residency” visits at various parks themselves. However, due to the national Covid 19 pandemic, Jill was not able to continue her “tour” of our National Park system. Still, she wished to continue composing and recording especially given how travel during this time is fraught with challenges.

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As a result, Jill turned inward, not outward, and discovered a well-spring of inspiration in The Book of Psalms. As she immersed herself in its ages-old prose, Jill found lovely imagery in its words and, after reading certain passages, she would sit at her piano and begin freely improvising. Slowly the new pieces present on Wrapped In Light took shape. In her own words “… the beautiful nature images about clouds, water and the sun all led [me] to pieces about these elements of our earth.”

Wrapped In Light is now playing on New Age Stars Radio!

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