Jim Brickman #1 on Billboard



VOLUME 2 of Jim Brickman’s SOOTHE series, subtitled SLEEP – MUSIC FOR TRANQUIL SLUMBER, debuts at #1 on Billboard’s New Age Album Chart – his 21st #1 album on the chart.

Pianist and songwriter Jim Brickman adds to his resume with a 21st #1 on Billboard’s New Age Album Chart.  “Soothe, Volume 2: Sleep – Music for Tranquil Slumber” (released September 2, 2016 on Valley Entertainment) is the second in Brickman’s series aimed at confronting the stressful world and embracing a soothe lifestyle.

Jim detailed his new album:

“I’m often told, ‘Your music puts me to sleep.’  At first I was taken aback. My music is intended to set the mood for romance and relaxation. But then I embraced the notion that perhaps my songs are so tranquil they have that slumbering effect on listeners.

Sleep is essential for good health yet it’s often so elusive.  As a self-professed workaholic, my mind is racing, making plans and focusing on problems when it should be resting. I know many of you have the same obstacle.  So, I wanted to learn more about falling asleep, staying asleep and how my music can help.

For starters, I found out that piano music has the most relaxing sound especially when written at 90 beats per minute and a 4/4 rhythm. The melodies on Soothe for Sleep bring you songs that will truly lull you into a restful state.  As you listen, your breathing will slow down and your body will relax. My hope is that this music becomes part of your new calming bedtime ritual.

Whether you want to doze off, relax in a bubble bath or just release some tension, I hope you find your soothe, embrace it and pass it on.”

Soothe yourself: