Joss Jaffe – Meditation Music


California-based musician and producer Joss Jaffe has released his 4th solo album, “Meditation Music”, on the Be Why Music label within the Warner Music Group. This new album features seven tracks exploring a new direction for Jaffe who has long performed for large-scale yoga events and transformational festivals around the world.

“Meditation Music” features slow-moving meditative arrangements infused with soothing sounds of nature, acoustic instruments and gentle synthesizers and oscillators for an illuminated ambient experience. Joss uses his knowledge of musical tuning systems from a lengthy study of Indian Classical music with Maestros Ali Akbar Khan, Swapan Chadhuri and Zakir Hussain to influence the sonic landscape.

The science of brainwave entrainment was used on several tracks to attune the brain to deep delta and theta waves found in states of deep meditation. Joss developed a love for meditation as a young boy and has long wanted to make an album specifically designed for meditation, yoga, qigong, and other healing arts.

His previous three albums explored mantras in conjunction with a wide variety of world music. His work has been critically acclaimed by LA Yoga Magazine, the UK’s Om Magazine and other prominent publications. This new album takes his music further into sound healing in a style similar to luminaries Brian Eno, Silvia Nakkach and Steven Halpern. Joss is currently on tour in Korea and Japan through December of 2019.

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