Julie Hanney – Everyday Miracles


Everyday Miracles by Julie Hanney was born out of taking time to appreciate all of the amazing, miraculous things that exist in our lives every single day.

Press release by Higher Level Media

If we focus on what we lack, we can miss the abundance that exists in our natural and spiritual world.

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From the wonder of birds taking flight to the mathematical patterns and spirals in nature to the miracle of the present moment, these songs are each sonic expressions of the miraculous, yet universal gifts given to us all.

Julie Hanney is a an award winning pianist, composer, performer and teacher who lives near the mountains in Oregon.  Her music spans several genres including neoclassical, romantic, new age, jazz and modern interpretations of classics by the masters.

Julie’s newest album titled Everyday Miracles was released on January 13, 2023 on the Heart Dance Records label. These fourteen unique songs were created from a place of experiencing “everyday miracles” through fresh eyes. In spite of all of our troubles, there is so much that is beautiful and true, and this album seeks to sonically express the wonder of these experiences.

For more information and music samples, visit juliehanneypiano.com.