Kamini Natarajan and Oleg Smirnov – Amrita


AMRITA is a new age music journey into the sacred realm of healing chants and mantras revived and reignited with the contemporary sound. The authentic spirit and meaning of the ancient Sanskrit mantras are masterfully delivered by the collaboration of the two remarkable artists – traditional Indian kirtan singer Kamini Natarajan and award-winning music producer and multi-instrumentalist Oleg Smirnov.

The album comprises tracks featuring well-known Sanskrit mantras that belong to the ancient Dharma traditions of India. Each mantra was artistically arranged to embody its original essence in sound, which makes AMRITA a true jewel of today’s spiritual music and a priceless gift to the yoga community in the challenging times.

​Amrita was born out of a brief session at Kamini’s home in the mountainous Simi Valley in California. The two artists were brought together by a friend – percussionist Hector Quintallia Galvan. During the session, Oleg captured Kamini’s singing and later developed the music and produced the EP at his own Idiom Music Productions studio in Los Angeles. The approach behind the arranging of each mantra was to carefully convey its energy and symbolism.

Kamini Natarajan is one of the leading Indian Classical and kirtan singers. Kamini comes from a family of musicians and started learning Indian classical music at the age of 6. She proceeded to graduate in vocal Hindustani music and currently lives in Simi Valley, CA where she teaches, performs traditional as well as world music. Her music is spiritual, mystical, and simply engaging. In it, she artistically incorporates the traditional Indian ragas and intricate rhythmic patterns known as “taala”, which lift listeners to a higher state of consciousness – a state of pure bliss, away from mundane appearances.

Oleg Smirnov is a Los Angeles based music producer, composer, and voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards). A multi-instrumentalist and descendent of European music tradition, his work combines stylistic diversity with deep insight, sensitivity, and attention to detail. As a spiritual seeker, he traveled the East extensively and his music carefully reflects this rich and authentic heritage. The diverse stylistic palette of his music encompasses electronic, orchestral, instrumental, and world music and is featured in film and television. Oleg is a recipient of the Outstanding Musicianship Award from Berklee; his works were performed at 16 international music festivals, as well as reviewed in major music media such as Billboard.

For more information, see idiomproductions.com