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Karen Biehl, the creator of the “Journey to True Love”, “Journey to True Health” and “Journey to True Purpose” guided meditation series, has released her first album of solo music: “Starlight Dreams”, a collection of evocative etudes for piano.

Whether as a standalone piece or as background in a guided meditation, Karen Biehl’s compositions combine romantic classical lyricism with meditative empowerment to assist listeners in achieving an enhanced and peaceful sense of self-awareness and purposeful focus.

“Starlight Dreams” was composed, performed and recorded entirely by Karen, who is a classically trained musician and former opera singer. In addition to being relaxing, invigorating and enjoyable to listen to, these tone poems aim to inspire others to connect to their true purpose so they are able to achieve their dreams, as they are written in the stars.

The album includes her composition “Invocation” which has aired regularly on KMStudio Classical Radio for the last two years and has been on their top 100 list. Performances of the etudes “Autumn Amble” and “Chanson des Vents” at Roosevelt High School, under the direction of Maestro Joseph Lento, have aired on Channel 75 WDMC-TV in Westchester County, New York.

In Karen’s words: “Ever since I was very young, I have felt a profound sense of connection to the stars and to a man I always knew I would meet. During difficult times, I would find comfort in the stars, which I felt connected me to my True Purpose and to my True Love. The piece “Invocation” was written to my True Love, before we had met, in the hope of calling him to me. We actually met in 2013 and have been together since. It is my hope that my creations will help others awaken to their dreams and visions, so they too can fulfill them.”

“Starlight Dreams” begins with the piece “Awakenings” which sets the tone for awakening to your true calling as experienced in your dreams. In “Invocation” (track 2), you deepen your connection to and summon your dreams so you can then experience the joying feeling of “Union” (track 3).

Each piece tells a story about the journey of longing for and realizing your dreams, whether through the reverie of “Meditation on a Moonlit Lake”, the stirring of the wind in “Chanson des Vents” or the powerful release of your deepest desires to the universe in “On Angel Wings”.

The piece “Raindrops” reminds us that rain does not halt us on our path, but rather gives us a chance to reflect and relaxes and cleanses us so we can move forward anew.

When you finally realize your dream, you start a new life, hence the final piece is entitled “The Beginning”. As a postlude, “Meditation on a Moonlit Lake – Full Version” further reinforces the meditative empowerments already received in tracks 1-12.

Each listener will have their own experience of the compositions according to their own dreams and visions. Or…. if you prefer, you can just listen because you simply enjoy the music or find it relaxing and energizing!

“Starlight Dreams” is available at CD Baby, Amazon, i-Tunes and Spotify among others. More information about Karen Biehl can be found at Maestra Music.

“Once again, Maestra Biehl’s Music is Groundbreaking, Mesmerizing and a must listen!!” – Maestro Joseph S. Lento, National Educator of Arts and Humanities as proclaimed by President Barack Obama, 2014

You may purchase the album on CD Baby. Also check out Karen’s homepage here

About Karen Biehl

Born and raised in Dallas, Karen began studying music at the age of 8, when she began taking piano lessons and playing violin in her school orchestra. Karen began singing at the age of 17 and studied with former Metropolitan Opera tenor Thomas Hayward at Southern Methodist University, where she received a degree in Vocal Performance. While at SMU, she also studied music theory and electronic music composition with composer Jack Waldenmaier, continued her studies in piano and played violin in the Meadows Symphony Orchestra symphony under the direction of Anshel Brusilow.

After graduation, Karen sang in the Dallas Opera Chorus for a season before her vocal studies took her to San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she performed various roles with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Opera. After studying and performing in Italy, Karen moved to Manhattan, where she performed soprano leading roles with several small local opera companies.

Over time, Karen preferred to create melodies of her own and focus on her own creative experience, rather than being restricted by rules imposed by the classical music world. In 1999, she began composing a collection of music inspired by visions of her True Love, whom she called “The Maestro”. After finally meeting him, a musician and Maestro indeed, she was inspired to create guided meditations to assist others in overcoming obstacles and fulfilling their dreams.

Karen created the guided meditation “Journey to True Purpose” to assist the Maestro’s students with focusing in the classroom and finding their true self and purpose. She then created “Journey to True True” to help others seeking their partner, using the exact same methods she used to attract the Maestro into her life. In her meditation “Journey to True Health”, she shares guidance she received during two health crises that helped her avoid surgery.

In 2016, also inspired by the Maestro, Karen created “The Young Artist Spotlight” scholarship program to recognize young artists. The program aims to inspire students to focus on their creative expression, and therefore on their truest self, so they put their best foot forward in all their endeavors.

In 2018, Karen released her first solo piano album, “Starlight Dreams”, a collection of relaxing and reflective piano music to stir your soul and awaken your dreams.

“Throughout my life, an inner voice has guided me through all kinds of adversity, including problems with relationships, self-esteem, career and health. We all have an amazing ability to transform our lives if we get in touch with the part of us that is our own mentor to guide us on our journey.” – Karen Biehl

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