Karen Salicath Jamali – Angel Pullination Review


If there is one place angels seem to be especially close, it is in music. Karen Salicath Jamali’s Angel Pullination brings nine significant angels to life and makes us feel their tender and compassionate presence. The solo piano melodies radiate love, hope and faith. The word Pullination has an interesting back story. When the album was uploaded, the word revealed itself in the title. “I have no idea how this happened, but maybe it is a new word that describes the music better?” says Karen. I fully agree. There is something new and different here, a certain pull from above. Angel Pullination is a delight from start to finish.

Karen Salicath Jamali is a multi award-winning composer, pianist, and producer, and painter, sculptor, and photographer for the last 30 years. She was born in Denmark and living and working in NYC and Florida. It wasn’t until an accident that caused a head injury and a near-death experience that Karen started to play the piano spontaneously, previously she had never played the piano. The head injury amazingly opened up a new world and she began to play and compose, self-taught, beautiful and meditative music, which healed her. She has released seven albums, including Sound of Angels (2020), Hope of Angels (2022) and today’s topic, Angel Pullination.

Angel Calling
The opening track is called Angel Calling. Notice the rapid high and low notes that probably indicate how the angels are trying to contact us. It is a key track. It tells us that the angels are here and we only have to “tune in” to receive their guiding messages. I love the soft yet distinct sound of the piano and the recording is flawless. Karen is an incredibly gifted pianist. Angel Calling is a terrific album opener!

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It is time to get to know the archangels. First out is Angel Jofiel (The Angel of Wisdom). Often depicted in iconography holding a flaming sword, Jofiel is a guardian of wisdom and holy texts. The melody gives the impression of someone who takes that job seriously and there is a hint of melancholy too. Next out is Angel Sabrael (The Angel of Miracles). As one of the seven archangels, Sabrael makes us feel that the impossible is possible. The gentle and kind sounding melody seems to underline that we have to adjust our ears and hearts to a certain frequency to experience miracles.

Angel Zadkiel (The Angel of Surrender)
Angel Zadkiel (The Angel of Surrender) is known from the Bible as the Angel of the Lord who holds back Abraham to prevent him from sacrificing his son. Hence, Zadkiel is the angel of mercy and surrender. From Karen’s composition and playing, we sense the difficult situations when the angel comes to life. It is incredibly beautiful and utterly sad at the same time.

One of the finest pieces on the album is Angel Aura. The angels are near, close enough to see their colorful aura and experience to a divine presence. It is an exquisite track in every sense of the word. Angel of Hope feels lighter and more optimistic. Crystal Angel is dedicated to one of the many representations of angels that we humans make.

Angel Anael (The Angel of Love)
It is impossible not to like the bright and carefree Angel Anael (The Angel of Love). It radiates positivity, kindness and good feelings. The track is only two minutes long, but the time is well spent. The Angel Adnachiel (The Angel of Adventure) is a bit hesitant, but it has a lovely melody.

The two Angel Melchizedek (The Angel of Peace) and Angel Raguel (The Angel of Harmony and Justice) round off the album in a contemplative way. Reflecting on the state of the world and how the angels might guide us, seem necessary. It is a vital part of the listening experience.

In conclusion: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free,” Michelangelo said. Listening to Karen Salicath Jamali’s Angel Pullination, that same feeling of making angels come to life through art is everywhere to be found. Each of the angels are presented with incredible skill, love and humanity. It is angles in a classical sense, yet the solo piano is modern and accessible. Also, notice the wonderful cover artwork, which features Karen’s art.

As a concept album about divine messengers, is it possible to listen without focusing on angels? Yes! It is a fantastic solo piano release, filled with great compositions and terrific performances. Its neo classical sound makes it perfect for reading, creative work or as background music to a romantic dinner. It is a very well-balanced album, so you can safely put it on reply. Also, if you listen on Spotify, make sure to check out the wonderful small videos (Spotify canvases) that come with each track, many of them also feature Karen’s art.

Few albums are so special that they lead to the invention of a new word, but Angel Pullination is that kind of release. Check it out and see where the angels might take you.

For more information and music samples, visit kjamalimusic.com.