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Kenneth Hooper – As The Crow Flies


Kenneth Hooper’s second album ensures he has not suffered a “sophomore slump” by any means. As The Crow Flies expands his palette of musical “colors” featured on the earlier Directions.

Press release by LAZZ Promotions

Once again working with Gian Berselli, who not only produced, mixed and mastered the album, but also co-composed the six tracks and appears on guitars, keyboards, sitar, and percussion.

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As before, the album’s recording quality is flawless as much care and attention obviously went into the final product. As The Crow Flies sparkles with expert musicianship from both Hooper and Berselli and bristles with a variety of moods and styles throughout, e.g. the album-opening Up Ahead jumps out of the gate with pizazz, amping up funk, rock, and jazz elements.

Afternoon at Chuck’s melds a quasi-chill feel with a relaxed mood established by Hooper’s lead flute line. Storyteller flows with a serene new age/meditative vibe, while “Forest Temple” features haunting flute and keyboards set against nature sounds in a perfect blending of atmosphere and beauty.

For more information and music samples, visit kennethhooperflutes.com/Kennenth.