Kerani – Sands of Time


Kerani, whose albums “Arctic Sunrise” and “Small Treasures” won the prestigious ZMR Award for Best Neoclassical Album of the Year in 2014 and 2018, returns with an epic body of work called “Sands of Time”. Inspired by Greek mythology, the music on this album describes the most beautiful elements that brought forth life on earth, such as Love, Wisdom, Beauty and Light.

“Sands of Time” features Kerani on piano and synthesizers backed by a live string ensemble – some of whom are member of André Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestra, a vocalist and a small handful of special guest musicians.

Here is a description of each piece by Kerani: 

Sands of Time – The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus (540BC) stated that everything is constantly shifting and becoming something other to what it was before. As time passes, the world around us changes – WE change. We will never be able to get back yesterday. That is why we must learn to live in and be conscious of the present moment and make time to focus on the many gifts of life.

Shores of Gold – The sand is the most gentle hue of gold. I can’t help but smile, as the cool water of the ocean laps at my feet and the wind caresses my face. I accept the liberating moment of letting go, of inhaling the gift of Life.

When the Night Comes – featuring Max Jeschek on guitar. At the end of each day comes the moment when we need silence in order to replenish our soul. This track describes those gentle moments before we fall asleep; the warm feeling of drifting into sweet nothingness with the confidence that all will be well.

Echoes of the Past – The echoes of the past that I hear so often. A scent brings back a time of fields filled with memories. They take me to a cave with writings in stone. In the tears of my heart I hear those echoes of the past. They have made me who I am today.

Endless Skies – I have found my wings. I am ready to soar into the endless skies and watch the world from above!

The Touch of Love – After having created the Earth and the Seas, Eros, god of Love, saw that something was missing. He gathered his arrows of creation and fired them deep into the Earth. Forests of green sprung up out of the ground, rivers glistened with thousands of fish and man started to walk the Earth.

The Philosopher – When you carefully listen to this song, you will hear questions and answers alternating in a melodic line, as if someone were pondering about the meaning of life, just as a philosopher would do.

Moments of Beauty – The silence sings, the stillness sways, a lingering kiss blossoms into dawn. Sunlight fills an empty vase with music; a thousand golden melodies spill from the Beloved’s heart as something hidden whispers: This … is how beautiful you are!

Road to Wisdom – The road to wisdom is long and hard. It is paved with difficulties and challenges, but no obstacle is insuperable!

Muse – “All of us need to be in touch with a mysterious, tantalizing source of inspiration that teases our sense of wonder and goads us on to life’s next adventure.” – Rob Brezsny

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