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Kevin Wood’s “Eternal” Success


“Eternal,” the latest soul-stirring album from award-winning composer Kevin Wood, celebrates chart position milestones including a peak position at #4 on Billboard’s New Age Chart and the top spot at #1 on both Amazon Digital New Age and ZMR New Age.

“I am absolutely thrilled that this album has connected with people and that it continues to gain momentum,” said Wood. “I hope when people listen to ‘Eternal’ they feel understood, they realize they aren’t alone and that we are all on this journey together; and, by the grace of God, if they feel more connected to forgiveness, love, kindness, acceptance, themselves, and humanity, then ‘Eternal’ truly will be the most meaningful music I have ever composed.”

In 2012, Wood’s impressive music career came to a startling, paralyzing halt. He suddenly found himself devoid of inspiration, motivation and joy. Fear became the driving influence in his life and he was unable to write even one note of music. “I felt so disconnected from my soul that I truly believed I would never make music again,” said Wood. “I knew I had to do a lot of painful soul-searching and intense self-reflection into why I was feeling empty and full of fear. Eventually, it became very clear I had lost my spiritual connection to everything. I knew, in order to heal, I was going to have to work very hard and take positive steps to rediscover that connection. So, that’s exactly what I did.”

Wood’s journey went from being lost and in search of meaning to a blessed awakening of ultimate love – atonement, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness – which inspired him to create his newest album and greatest musical achievement to date, “Eternal.” Each piece represents a stage or realization Wood experienced on his way to his new awakening, new connection to life, and new joy.

Wood, a voting member of The Recording Academy (producers of the annual GRAMMY Awards telecast), is a composer, promoter, keyboardist, drummer, and label executive. Since “Scenic Listening,” his 2001 debut in the New Age music genre, Wood’s recordings have received heavy airplay on syndicated digital music channels. This, in addition to impressive retail sales, makes him one of the top artists in New Age music. Wood has also produced or co-produced more than 55 digital-only albums — collaborations that resulted in sales of 1.5 million downloads. Some of those albums have reached #1 on iTunes New Age and Rhapsody New Age, as well as the Top-10 on “Billboard;” several albums garner millions of streams per month.

“Eternal,” which “One World Music” describes as “beautiful energies and lush melodies, each arrangement is built so artistically that they will manifest layer upon layer of brilliance,” was released on May 5, 2018. It is Wood’s most personal album to date and follows his deep struggles with anxiety and a crisis in faith and purpose. He returned to composing and inspiration through a spirit-centered awakening and by surrendering to forgiveness and love.

“Eternal,’ which Robert Silverstein, mwe3.com, calls “sumptuous…(with) immense scope and sonic magnitude…brilliant,” combines sacred and tribal chant with classical instrumentation to create a profound musical landscape. Featuring eight guest artists, including renowned cellists Jami Sieber and South Africa’s Francois le Roux, every song on “Eternal” creates a “peaceful place for the listener to open up to their own inner spiritual journey” (Michael Foster, “Ambient Visions”).

Spiritual Co-Creations
Wood’s ability to bring a variety of sacred traditions and styles together into a meaningful and soul-stirring sound has become his source of inspiration.

“Writing music becomes all-encompassing. It’s imaginative, emotional and spiritual,” said Wood. “Before I compose, I try to find a space of openness, acceptance and connectedness within my heart and soul. When melodies and musical ideas flow from me spontaneously, I know the process has evolved into a meaningful, spiritual co-creation which then manifests into deeply inspired music.”

Wood’s second album, “Sacred” (2005), earned the #2 “World Album of the Year” award from Backroads Music and “Best New Age Album of the Year” by the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR). Selected by iTunes’ editorial staff over hundreds of other albums, “Sacred” was featured on iTunes New Age for two months.

“Kindred” (2008), Wood’s third album, earned “Best Meditation/Relaxation Album of the Year” from Zone Music Reporter (ZMR). Music from “Kindred” was included in “The Seasons” DVD from the Yosemite National Park series by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Sterling Johnson.

Producer, Philanthropist & More
In addition to producing all his own albums on his New Vision Music label, in 2009, Wood released the highly acclaimed compilation, “Synergy.” In 2014, he produced “Music that Matters,” a 36-track benefit album that one industry reviewer called “unprecedented.” One hundred percent of the proceeds from that album go to LoveLight, a non-profit helping South African children in need. Wood also has supported other causes such as Meals on Wheels, Great Promise for American Indians and numerous community radio stations broadcasting New Age music.

Wood has lived in and around Austin, TX, the “Live Music Capitol of the World,” for most of his life. He and his wife, Jennifer, have an 8-year-old daughter and own two adorable rescue dogs. Wood is active with The Men’s Fellowship Network and is a member of the Unity Church, where he and Jennifer serve as ushers.

About LoveLight
LoveLight empowers leadership, hope and education for the youth of South Africa through the cross-transformational experience that comes from being of service, co-creating global oneness.

Press release by LoveLight