Kokhe – Blue World


EverSound debut artist Kokhe presents the album “Blue World”. Like a well-written fantasy novel, it effortlessly transports us to a far-away dimension. From the “Temple Of Ellesyia”, via “Gateway To Korinthia” to “Across The Quiet Universe”, Kokhe’s album is musical world-building on a massive scale.

While still maintaining their separateness, the tracks on “Blue World” flow harmoniously together along barely rippling currents, taking the listener on a unique journey through scenic woods and dark forests before reaching a luminous destination.

Enjoy the album sampler: 

Blue World” is an album of masterful depth and complexity, with minimalist interlocked melodic parts that combine to create a classic New Age instrumental album, one that is simple, heartfelt, and open.

Here’s the title track:

Both the CD and the album as MP3 files are available on the EverSound homepage. 

Blue World” is also a featured album on New Age Stars Radio.

The pieces:

1) Across The Quiet Universe 5:18
2) Calypso 4:52
3) Blue World 4:39
4) Eternal 5:57
5) Oceanic 3:33
6) Gateway To Korinthia 4:34
7) Spirits Of The Heart 4:47
8) Temple Of Ellesyia 5:45
9) Fantasia II 4:31
10) Japanese Garden 4:49
11) Journey To Dreamland 4:48
12) Above The Clouds 5:20

Total running time 59:22 minutes

About Kokhe
An accomplished piano player from a young age in his homeland of Mexico, Kokhe fell in love with the New Age sound in his 20s, becoming a composer of both melancholy classical piano works and intensely moving synthesizer compositions. Kokhe is perhaps best known for his album “Follow Your Heart” from 2003, released on the Serenity label.