Kyle Jameson – View From Above


“View From Above” by Kyle Jameson is like a time capsule; nostalgic, yet fresh sounds inspired by the sound of the 80s. Evocative melodies, harmonies and synthesizer/chorused guitar nuances that transport the listener to another realm, to a familiar soundscape located somewhere in the distant past.

“I composed all of the music in my home studio using my collection of the famous vintage 80’s synthesizers,” says Kyle Jameson.

Synths used:

Yamaha DX7-llfd
Yamaha SY77
Roland D50
Roland JX-8P
Roland JX-305
Roland Jupiter 8
Kawai SX-240
Ensoniq VFX-SD
Yamaha TX-816 module
Gibson Les Paul guitar
Boss SY-300 guitar synthesizer unit (tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11)
Yamaha 7-piece custom stage drum kit, acoustic percussion
Simmons electronic drums.
Paiste, Zildjian, Pearl & Sabian cymbals.

This album is dedicated to Atlanta musician, aerobatic and skywriting pilot Elgin Wells.

See Kyle Jameson’s Bandcamp page.