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Larkenlyre – You and I and Every Sky


In You and I and Every Sky by pianist/composer Matthew Labarge, aka Larkenlyre, a story unfolds. The narrative is told first and foremost through composition, always the heart of his work, and is expressed in many different voices: piano based tracks, ambient tracks, acoustic guitar tracks, and many layers of other gentle acoustic and electronic sounds. The theme of hope in spite of heaviness weaves throughout the album.

Press release by Higher Level Media

The meaning of the story is to be determined by the listener – the storytelling process is complete only once teller and listener connect through an experience of the music -but here are some considerations.

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In every You and I and in Every Sky, there are different layers of Shadow and Light. These contrasts might be sadness and joy, good and bad, difficulty and ease, or any number of other things. There are times We Rest, and times we Follow On. If we persevere, we might hear Angels Sing. And, finally, Sometimes Hope Comes Wrapped in Dark Skies.

This is the first full-length Larkenlyre release since the passing of Larkenlyre guitarist Chrys Bocast. The album is in tribute to Chrys, and a testimony of their friendship- a most significant You and I.

Matthew Labarge

“From first listen, I found these pieces riveting. At once tranquil and exhilarating, they are simple and complex, somber and brilliantly shining. Every sound, every note—even the most unanticipated—seems as though it was utterly inevitable,” says Matthew.

For more information and music samples, visit matthewlabarge.com.