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Laura Hall – The Serenity Sessions


Laura Hall’s new album is called “The Serenity Sessions”. “This is a new creative venture for me,” says Hall. “My musical focus has been on songwriting, singing, playing guitar, music production, playing for improv, etc. In other words, all over the map. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I realized I wanted to reacquaint myself with my first instrument, my first musical love, the piano. So I revisited the Bach, Gershwin, Mozart, Debussy and Satie pieces I’d always loved, but hadn’t played much lately.”

“At the same time,” remarks Hall, “I read in a music industry newsletter that today’s most popular playlists are, by far, ones around relaxation & sleep. It didn’t surprise me. So many of us struggle with anxiety, have a hard time falling asleep, or just feel stressed out by day to day living.”

Here is the album opener, “Still Lake”:

“These two elements combined to inspire the writing and recording of this group of songs. I’ve always improvised at home as a way of self-comforting and relaxation. So I took those improvisations, refined them, added a few other instruments, and shaped them into these songs,” concludes Hall.

Track no. 6 on the album, the wonderful “After the Fair”:

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The album is available on Spotify:

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