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Levente – Convivium – A Medieval Collection


“Convivium” is a carefully assembled selection of electronic compositions from Levente’s thematic albums. These tracks are rather unique musical time travel adventures, as they were composed with Medieval and Renaissance music’s stylistic elements in mind, whilst at the same time they rely on state-of-the-art electronics. 

Convivium means feast or banquet, and the selected compositions evoke the moods of Medieval and Renaissance get-togethers, tapping into the flavors of secular Early Music.

Other tracks selected for this composition are of a more solemn or meditative feel, as a reprise between the music of joyous gatherings…

Tracks were taken from the albums “Tales From Time”, “Ex Libris”, “Explorers”, “Empires Of Silence”, and “Firmamentum”. All tracks composed, arranged, performed, and engineered by Levente.

For more music samples and information, see Levente’s Bandcamp page.

The CD is available on Amazon.