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Lis Addison – Elements


The music on ELEMENTS is an elegant blend of electronic soundscapes, classical and jazz piano, Indian vocals, lush 3- part harmonies, and chill beats. Lis sings English and Sanskrit mantras that acknowledge the Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the Light above, the Green below, and Happiness within.

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During COVID many of us slowed down to remember we don’t need a lot of THINGS in order to survive. ELEMENTS gives thanks to things we can’t live without but which we often take for granted; the Earth, Air, Fire and Water, along with other elements that can help us to be joyful such as the Light of Love, the Green of Plants and the Wisdom to Choose Happiness.

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Sanskrit mantras are paired with English mantras to strengthen the message. For example, The Light of You pairs with Om Baskaraya Namaha, which invokes the Golden Light of Healing; Breathing Green pairs with Om Purushotthamaya Namaha, which supercharges the process of Becoming All We Can Be; Mother Waters pairs with Om Sarva Dukha Haraya Namaha which is an Antidote to Sadness and Misery; Horizon Line pairs with Om Dara Yeah Namaha which translates to Om and Salutations to the Divine Mother who is the Earth; Choose Happiness pairs with Om Prassanatmane which is a mantra to Invoke Cheerfulness.

ELEMENTS is now playing on New Age Stars Radio!

Lis Addison is a composer and producer of electro-acoustic vocal music. Classically trained in piano, composition, and Indian Raga, her first piece of music fell into her head at age eleven when she was practicing the piano. Her songs, which range from meditative to ecstatic, conjure deep journey states of stillness and dance within the listener.

Lis has won awards from the Pacific Composer’s Forum, The National Endowment for the Arts, The Global Music Awards, and the New Age Reporter. Her last three releases have been in the top 10 of the International Charts. In early 2020 she went on a 30 city tour through the Pacific NW, Australia, and New Zealand. Due to the pandemic, Lis had to cancel her appearances scheduled for France, the UK, Israel, and Scotland.

For more information and music samples, visit lisaddison.com.