Loreena McKennitt – Lost Souls available today


Loreena McKennitt’s long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated new album, “Lost Souls”, is available in retail stores globally today, May 11th. It is also out on Spotify and iTunes.

Pre-orders of CDs and vinyl records are already on their way, expected to be delivered on or close to the May 11th release date. Four songs have already been released as preview singles (“Breaking of the Sword”, “A Hundred Wishes”, “Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas” and “Sun, Moon and Stars”).

On Spotify: 

To Billboard Loreena says: 

“I had a lot of people ask us, ‘Are you ever going to release anything original again?'” the Canadian songstress — who also released two collections of traditional material following 2006’s An Ancient Muse — tells Billboard. “I figured the quickest way was to go to the cupboard and look at what had been written in the past. Four or five songs existed as little breadcrumbs from the late ’80s to the present, which gave us a good start. So (Lost Souls) is a bit more of a collection, a corralling of pieces than ‘Here’s a creative vision and I want the right pieces to fit that.’ It’s more like a gathering, a collection of morsels.” […]

“The “Lost Souls” track, meanwhile, was the album’s most recent song, written last year and inspired by CBC lectures published in Ronald Wright’s 2004 book A Short History of Progress. “(Wright) has studied civilizations as one might study the black boxes of aircrafts that have gone down,” McKennitt says. “In his view it seems as a species we have a tendency to get ourselves into progress traps. When he wrote this lecture series it was coming as much from an environmental concern as anything else, but I put the connection to new technologies. I think they are very quickly and drastically changing everything we have known in such a fundamental and a quick way that I worry we may be in a progress trap here, too.”

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