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Lynn Tredeau – All the Pieces


“All the Pieces” is the sixth release for solo piano artist Lynn Tredeau. Her music has received much recognition since her debut in 2015, most recently 2018 Best Solo Piano Album at Zone Music Reporter. She has been twice nominated for People’s Choice Award at OWMR, and won Best Holiday Album of 2016 by Enlightened Piano Radio.

Each one of us is a beautiful puzzle where “All the Pieces” fit together. This album is a collection of musical stories that define the many parts and pieces of one person’s life.


The first track, “Photos Without a Memory”, tells the tale of Alzheimer’s disease. The idea of sorting through boxes filled with lovely photos of people and places that are long forgotten.

“Love for a Lifetime”, the second track of the album, is a tribute to that special person that walks through life by your side. They share your dreams, your sorrows and give you a safe place to be your true self.

Track six is “A Weathered Heart”. Just as a stone is worn away and polished over time, so does each and every heart. The experiences of great joy and deep sorrow, each thing leaves an impression.

For more information and music samples, visit lynntredeau.com

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