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Ghost Stations, the ninth studio album by UK-based Marconi Union, combines many aspects of their classic electronic sound with some new musical elements that take the music in exciting and unexpected directions and is released on the UK ambient label, Just Music. Release date is August 12 2016.

After fourteen years of writing and performing, the trio – founder members Richard Talbot and Jamie Crossley with keyboard player Duncan Meadows – are thought to be “amongst today’s most talented musicians” according to London’s Sunday Times. They have continually steadily developed and refined a unique musical identity, evoking emotions by gracefully blending elements of dub, jazz, ambience and electronica within their richly melodic compositions.

Ghost Stations

With Ghost Stations, Marconi Union’s music continues to straddle the worlds of artistic credibility and musical accessibility. They were not afraid to accept the challenge of making new music rather than just repeating their earlier work and were well aware of the risk of trying new things.

“People who have bought our previous records may think we’ve gone too far in this direction or that direction or that we don’t do enough of some particular aspect anymore, but we’ve already done those things in our previous work and we have to keep pushing our boundaries otherwise what is the point? We want people to hear Ghost Stations and say “’What the f**k is that’ either in a good or bad way!”

marconi-union-ghost-stations3Before making a record, Marconi Union usually have a clear idea about its ultimate direction. But this time, they decided to set aside any preconceptions, they spent the last two years experimenting with playing, programming, editing, re-editing, (agreeing and disagreeing) until Ghost Stations naturally evolved. Once the title was decided upon, everything fell into place connecting ideas of abandonment, empty spaces and dereliction.

“We always want to move forward and try new things, there’s no point in just treading water, so it was great to use a couple of guest musicians [Digitonal’s Andy Dobson on clarinet and Giorgio Li Calzi on trumpet]. Sometimes you need real playing, especially when it comes to feel.”

Invitations from Brian Eno

Over the last fourteen years, their studio albums, Under Wires and Searchlights (2003) [“sonically immaculate” — Uncut], Distance (2005) [“one of the most successful ambient albums of recent years” — The Sunday Times], A Lost Connection (2010) [“minimal, introspective, ethereal electronica – gorgeous” — The Guardian], Beautifully Falling Apart (2011) [“places MU firmly in the vanguard of acts making atmospheric, ambient music” –Music OMH], Different Colours (2012) [“a work of bewitching beauty” — DMC], and their last album, Weightless (2014) [“an ethereal sense of free flowing dimensions” — DJ Mag], have brought them to the attention of ever-larger audiences and international critical acclaim.

Marconi Union have accepted Festival invitations from Brian Eno. They also have collaborated with the Marina Abramovic Institute and recorded “Weightless,” now hailed as the “most relaxing song ever,” with its tens-of-millions of streams and You Tube views, (even earning the accolade of being named as one of the “Best Inventions Of The Year” by Time Magazine). Their music has been selected to accompany art installations, independent arts-based projects, and theatre and ballet, and to serve as the beautiful musical backdrop to television commercials, drama and documentary films worldwide.

“Ghost Stations” available here on August 12 2016:

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01 Sleeper

02 Remnants / Shadow Scheme

03 Abandoned / In Silence

04 Riser