Mark Werlein – Parting


Mark Werlein’s new single is called Parting. “It is all about what the title says. Most people might think it refers to a romantic situation which is only partly accurate. Parting was meant to conjure any interaction that signals loss,” says Werlein.

“Saying, “Goodbye” to a loved pet or moving away from one’s home town. I could have titled it ‘Leaving’ but that’s not global enough. The melancholy tone balanced with the orchestration can be both soothing and relaxing.

Parting has a cinematic feel,” continues Werlein – “but it is structured in a repeated ABA form with a key change. It was written for full orchestra with no effects; it is acoustic. I collaborated with Pete Harvey in Perth, Scotland, in the writing of this tune and his contributions were invaluable.”

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Parting is now playling on New Age Stars Radio!