Massergy – Fire Opal


Massergy (aka Eric Jensen) is an electronic music artist making his album debut on Spotted Peccary Music with “Fire Opal”. It is an inspired, colorful ambient music release featuring expressive instrumentations and lush resonant textures; this unique work was recorded and mixed entirely outdoors in all weather conditions and crafted using only analog hardware, keyboards, and guitars. The album is being released today!

Eric Jensen was born in Chicago, and now based in Austin, Texas. He is a self-taught synth programmer and composer of ambient soundscapes who creates music entirely outdoors within a nature preserve.

The album embraces the imperfections and sound anomalies of this technique, lending an authenticity to this non-conventional diverse sound voyage. Visually, the music may resemble firefly tracers in a dark forest, or a warm crackling fire that shoots sparks of electricity into the night sky, breathing life into the Mexican folklore of the Fire Opal, a stone that is said to have mystical powers of healing and protection.

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Press release by Beth Ann Hilton, Spotted Peccary Music