Matt Starling – Music for Nina


“Music for Nina” was inspired by new love. After an evening spent listening to music together, Nina asked Matt to try to create music that expressed what they were experiencing together. Matt then stayed up all night after pressing the record button and after a sleepless 18-hr session. “Music for Nina” was born.

Drawing influence from Brian Eno and Terry Riley’s tape loop techniques, Starling created this music by composing dozens of loops which were organized into 23 groups. The loops vary in length. with each loop always being some whole number of complete 12/8 bars.

Matt Starling is a Salt Lake city-based composer, performer, and audio engineer. He founded the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble in 2009. The group has recorded four albums and two EP’s including the 2018 “Music With Changing Parts” which was released on the Philip Glass owned Orange Mountain Music label.

“Music for Nina” is being released as a single, one-hour meditation album, and an eight-hour sleep release:

For more information, see Bandcamp.

Press release by Heart Dance Records.