Medwyn Goodall – The Colour of Sound


“The Colour of Sound” is the title of Medwyn Goodall’s brand new album. Get a taste of this vibrant and colorful release here!

“Colour, sound, frequency and energy, are all one and the same thing,” says Medwyn. “Shades, tones, are simply words we use to describe a vibration, emotion and depth of feeling. When people return from otherworldly experiences the most common statement is they witnessed vivid colours and music.

“The Colour of Sound” is my way of blending unplugged organic instruments, with modern synthesizers and orchestral strings to create a rich vibrant sonic landscape of sound, colour, and emotions. A higher dimensional experience.”

Here’s one of the songs from the album, “Magic in my Hands”:

You may purchase the album on Medwyn’s homepage. The album is also on Spotify: 

“The Colour of Sound” is one of the topics in the latest Medwyn Goodall Show: