Michael Borowski – Gardens of Zion in the Rain


Michael Borowski’s new album is called Gardens of Zion in the Rain. “This album is a collection of 11 deeply personal piano solos, each one having their own meaning and identity,” says Michael. The album is produced by Will Ackerman and, as usual, co-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton. Michael Whalen is the executive producer. 

Press release by Crossover Media

“It’s a blessing to find a path in life which offers one pride and pleasure… I’m fortunate beyond measure to be able to make a living as a guitarist and music producer,” comments Will Ackerman. “Producing musicians who are brilliant players and remarkable composers is the grail we seek. Michael Borowski is one of those musicians and composers who utterly validates that choice for me. Michael plays brilliantly, but his heart gives all of us a view into the human soul.”

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“I appropriately started the record with “Gloriana”, the name of my piano teacher from ages 4-18. Her influence stays with me to this day, and I am incredibly lucky to have her in my life. The record moves on from there, traveling through places that are special to me… “Brotherly Love” represents my affection for Philadelphia, and “Frick’s Field” is a preserved piece of land in my current town. Both of these treasured landmarks reside in Pennsylvania, or “Penn’s Woods”. I am very proud of where I come from,” says Michael Borowski.”

“Gardens Of Zion In The Rain”, the title track, and the muse for the entire album, is inspired by my mom and stepdad’s final resting place… Zion Memorial Gardens, which is located in my hometown. Next, we move on to “Bella”, who is my darling 14-year-old Australian Shepherd, who likes to play in the backyard creek which I named after my son, Jaxson. “Jaxson’s Creek” curves throughout the landscape, leading you to 4 beehives that sit by the water. In addition to being a pianist, I am also an amateur beekeeper, and care deeply about saving the “Bees”. They are so very important to life itself.

“Adrian’s Hat” is inspired from my all time favorite movie, ROCKY. In the final scene of the movie, Rocky does the impossible in going the distance with the World Champion of boxing. Yet the first thing he says to the love of his life, who lost her hat running up to congratulate him was, “Where’s your hat?”. A very quick yet powerful line which proves that true love is larger than anything,” continues Michael.

“I decided to record a version of “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman, simply because it is probably my favorite song ever written. The memories and emotions this song brings to me is unmatched, and it means as much to me now as it did growing up. It truly belongs on this record more than any other song out there.

The record closes with “April Mourning”, which was improvised in one take in the studio. My Mom and her brother, my Uncle Dwight, both passed away on an April morning, decades apart from each other. They were two of the biggest influences on my life and music growing up, and were the inspiration behind this improvisation. They will continue to influence everything I do,” concludes Michael.

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