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Michael Kollwitz – Calm Waters


Calm Waters is a soothing album recorded entirely on The Chapman Stick® by Billboard™️ musical artist Michael Kollwitz. One of the late Emmett Chapman’s very first students, Kollwitz continues to explore the peaceful, relaxing tones of the revolutionary yet little-known American stringed instrument. Calm Waters follows in the groundbreaking Solo Stick tradition of his award-winning Serenity series.

Michael Kollwitz has played The Chapman Stick for over forty years. He has recorded in such diverse genres as Jazz, Classic Rock, Latin, Hawaiian, and Americana. Michael’s 21st album, Serenity – Peaceful Music on The Chapman Stick (2017), marked a change in course for his music. His goal was to create a sonically healing experience to evoke soothing simplicity and peaceful relaxation for his listeners. The Serenity Series has become very successful over the last few years. In the Christmas of 2019, Kollwitz released “Santa Plays the Stick”, which we here on Newagemusic.guide called “a creative, playful, and joyous Holiday album”.

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On the album, you follow the quiet river as you cast your cares into calm waters. You’ll experience a mysterious sonic journey to a land of enchantment with the soothing sounds of The Chapman Stick®.

The album is also available on Bandcamp.