Michael Martinez – The Stillness Within


Michael Martinez’ new release is called The Stillness Within. “The beginnings of my latest album come from a long journey of meditation, and music. It all began when a song I was playing elicited a sense wonder and deep love. Having never felt anything like this before, I was drawn to it immensely.”

Press release by Higher Level Media

“I went through great lengths to create this feeling again, but the more I tried, the harder it was to feel it,” continues Martinez. “As soon as I started to let go, the feeling of wonder and love came back. The thing I was seeking all along was actually me.”

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“In each of us there is stillness, and once you know yourself to be just that, it takes your breath away. The songs on this album come from this place, and I hope the music inspires you to find who you really are, as much as it did for me,” concludes Martinez.

For more information and music samples, visit michaelmartinezmusic.com.