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Michael Whalen – Across The World To Be With You


The first single from Michael Whalen’s upcoming album Imaginary TrainsAcross The World To Be With You, ft. Ricky Kej – is now out. The album will be released on April 22, 2022 on CD, Dolby ATMOS and Hi-Resolution audio formats.

Imaginary Trains is about letting all of my electronic influences out for everyone to see!” laughs two-time Emmy® award-winning composer and international recording artist Michael Whalen discussing his forthcoming electronic album.

Sample the single and find it on your favorite streaming service:

The album is available for pre-order/pre-save here.

“Since I completed my album Sacred Spaces in 2019, my evolution as an artist, synthesist and sound designer has made it essential to create a whole new collection of sounds for EVERY new album I produce. It’s a huge job but the music deserves its own unique voice – not sounds that I used before. For about a year, I have been experimenting with thousands of new sounds and I finally came up with a group of about 200 sounds that are the basis of Imaginary Trains. On this new project, I threw myself headlong back into the electronic music that excited and inspired me when I first started as a composer: Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Keith Emerson (ELP), Mike Oldfield, Larry Fast/Synergy, Mark Isham, Kraftwerk and many others.”

The result of his work is: Imaginary Trains, at once a tour de force of haunting melodies, deep and complex textures all happening over percolating rhythms and percussion. As per his usual practice when working on his own music, Whalen created all ten titles for his pieces before writing a note. “I love framing every song with a narrative, character or a place” adds Whalen. “Imaginary Trains is about taking the listener on a journey of the heart and the mind. But before I transport anyone, I have to take the journey myself.” Writing programmatic music is a result of having written so many scores for television, film and even commercials.”

Imaginary Trains is informed by over three decades of Michael’s wide-ranging musical experiences which have been heard by literally billions of people around the world on a variety of media. From hundreds of television shows and themes, dozens of films, thousands of international advertisements, video games, 38 solo albums as an artist and hundreds as a producer and sideman to collaborating with friend Fiona Apple on an anti- Trump protest piece (“Little Hands”) for the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, DC, listeners, fans around the world and critics alike have marveled at Michael Whalen’s unique blend of iconic melodies, innovative sound creation and bold creative choices which have distinguished him as a music artist who excels in any format or genre but saves his best and most personal music for albums like Imaginary Trains. Whalen shows that electronic music in 2022 must have soul, style and be imbued with deep feeling even while listeners might only be relaxing to it on a weekend all while the recording might also become the sonic catalyst that will inspire composers and sound designers trying to keep up with Michael’s endless sonic universe…

For more information and music samples, visit michaelwhalen.com.

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Press release by Mark Gorney @ Worldisc