Michelle Qureshi – A Day on Venus


Michelle Qureshi has released a new album, A Day On Venus. What is new and different here is that the entire album is focused more on her lesser known multi-instrumental musical abilities, rather than having the guitar taking center stage.

Whether it’s through the gentle plucking of the guitar strings or the use of ambient effects, sometimes blended with electronic textures and other sounds which add depth and nuance to her music, Michelle’s musical artistry results in a rich, immersive listening experience that transcends traditional genre boundaries. Her music has the power to transport listeners effortlessly to introspective and tranquil spaces.

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Qureshi says, “My first album was released in 2012, and with each one I am expanding musically as I evolve as an artist. But creativity and imagination have always been a part of who I am: A sound alchemist, a master of the strings of the heart chakra, a sonic sorceress, a Gemini, raising vibrations one note at a time. Presenting the new album, ‘A Day on Venus,’ is my opportunity to lift the veil between worlds, known and unknown, and to share music infused with beautiful and inspiring vibration.”

One of the tracks that was released as a single from the album is Luminous Fields. This is a meditative instrumental piece featuring Michelle’s performance on Native American flute. The soothing song draws the listener immediately into the serenity with its long, breathy notes sustained over tonal shifts. These effectively wrap a comforting, peaceful layer around the listener like a warm blanket. A softly droning synth forms a calming bed that effectively grounds the listener into this reality and the next at the very same time. Some dreamy, delicate piano notes are eventually introduced, but the flute remains the focus, and relaxation, the purpose.

Michelle Qureshi

Combining her formal musical training with intuitive and improvisational elements, Michelle also performs as a presenter of “sound experiences.” Her well-attended Harmonic Sound Immersion™ events offered a few times per month at various venues, including yoga studios, meditation centers, churches, and even outdoor settings, are transformative sound meditations created by the healing vibrations created from ancient and modern instruments. Michelle says, “These events are a kind of horizontal concert.”

Michelle Qureshi’s music carries a distinctly contemplative and meditative quality. Her compositions often feel like a relaxing journey, guiding the audience through sonic landscapes that easily evoke a sense of peace, calmness, and reflection.

Overall, with millions of streams on global platforms worldwide, Qureshi’s music is a testament to the emotive and transformative power of sound. Listeners are invited to connect deeply with their inner selves, creating a foundation for emotional exploration and/or just plain relaxation. Whether you’re a fan of ambient music, acoustic guitar, flute, meditative, or world-inspired music, Michelle Qureshi’s discography offers a diverse and enriching musical experience for all.

For more information and music samples, visit michellequreshi.com.

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