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Michelle Qureshi – Because We Knew


“Because We Knew” is an ambient work by Michelle Qureshi. 

“The song was created by a feeling I had around the idea of our deep but often hidden connection to all things,” Michelle says. “The opening sounds wash over the listener in a way that first asks the question, then repeats it, “What do we know”? The response is subtle and patient. The deep, evolving musical tapestry awaits this realization, slowly ushered in and at the midpoint, a simple electric guitar emerges, joined by delicate playing, a touch of harmonics and at the five-minute mark, the listener feels the abundance of our connection delivered then gently ushered off into the ethers.”

“Because We Knew” is a digital-only single, streaming on all major digital platforms and on Bandcamp:

For more information and music samples, see www.michellequreshi.com