Michelle Qureshi – Guitar Sojourner


Capturing a summer vibe with a retro feel, the new album Guitar Sojourner by Michelle Qureshi is out now with 10 tracks of acoustic fingerstyle guitar pieces that are vibrant, airy and fun!

As a self-taught guitarist in her early teens, this album brings her back to her roots. Pursuing music degrees with formal studies on classical guitar meant the steel string guitar was no longer part of her repertoire, until around 2013 when she was reconnected with a music-loving, guitar-playing cousin in Nashville who loaned her a beautiful Czech made steel string guitar. Combining tracks played on this Furch guitar along with the Stonebridge guitar she would later represent (also made by Furch) one hears the excitement of discovery and the exploration of new sounds in an energetic, carefree way.

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From the opening breezy, upbeat first track, Across the Sky, to the intricate finger picking of Gathering Goldenrods, this music is captivating and refreshing. Chasing Venus Arts film director Tobias H. Reese described track 3, Out of Kindness, as bliss-inducing. The song titles continue in revealing ways with tracks 4-10 named Second Chances, Someday, Free People, Snapdragons, Sunflowers, Forward Facing, and Guitar in April and the album title references her journey as a guitarist. The beautiful album cover is based on a painting by artist Rebecca Ruegger.

Get to know the artist
Award-winning Artist Michelle Qureshi is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and classically-trained guitarist who brings a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic to her music. Her albums are heard around the world on new age, ambient, and guitar-focused radio programs and playlists, and is licensed on a global platform.

Guitar Sojourner is Michelle’s 12th album since 2012, along with 9 singles, which include solo and collaborative projects. Her work is on both the Heart Dance Records label and her own label Music as Metaphor, with a number of works from her catalog soon to be distributed by New Age Music Distribution.

For more information and music samples, see michellequreshi.com.

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