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Michelle Qureshi – Harmonic Dreams Out Today


Today marks the release of Michelle Qureshi’s “Harmonic Dreams”. Below you can read the story behind this fascinating 4 track EP.

In late 2018 Michelle premiered her Harmonic Sound Immersion™ at a local yoga studio. Since then she has presented this improvisational sound bath event numerous times, creating a kind of horizontal concert for audience members who situate themselves comfortably reclined on yoga mats, blankets and pillows, for an hour long sound journey. Using ancient and modern instruments, Michelle weaves through the physical space around the participants creating sound vibrations, to be felt as much as heard, layering a deep, dreamy atmosphere of music and sound energy.

The EP is available on Bandcamp:

The album Harmonic Dreams evolved from these experiences and Michelle chose a few core ideas to create this 4 track EP. Each piece features an instrument integral to her sound baths, performed and recorded for each unique, evolving soundscape. Face of Things features her Music as Metaphor™ branded singing bowls; As Above juxtaposes Koshy chimes with electronic ones; September Rain features an indigenous flute; and Light Years Away utilizes her gong. The resulting album however differs from the HSI experience in that it is less subtle and whispered; more vibrant and energized.

Musician Paul Landry describes it as “stunning sonic sounds and music”. The beautiful art work is based on a painting by Rebecca Ruegger. Harmonic Dreams is distributed by New Age Music Garden and published by Music as Metaphor.

Visit michellequreshi.com for more music samples and information.

Michelle’s music is also available on iTunes.