Michelle Qureshi – Short Stories


“Short Stories” is the ninth album by award-winning New Age/Ambient artist Michelle Qureshi, released on her label Music as Metaphor. It is a collection of acoustic finger style guitar pieces that are imaginative, whimsical, poetic and powerful!

The tracks explore the colors, textures, and harmonics of steel and nylon string guitars, incorporating alternate tunings, glass slide, and various capos. The thoughtful and mystical album art is based on a work painted and designed by Ellen Lupton.

For more information, see Michelle’s homepage.

“Michelle Qureshi’s new album “Short Stories” is a collection of poignant, well crafted compositions that cut right to the chase of each wonderfully titled track. The stories are in the telling and Michelle’s mastery of the guitar keeps us hanging on every note!”
~Mary Bartlein, Host/Producer, Instrumental Saturdays on WMSE

“The gorgeous emotional tone will wash over you and move you to a place that at once seems familiar and yet is somewhere you’re sure you’ve never quite been before.”
~Michael Kent Smith, Guitarist/Composer