Michelle Qureshi – Within


Michelle Qureshi’s new release is called “Within”. “With this album, my process evolved from one of painting different timbres on a sound canvas to being more of a sculptor, shaping music with only my guitar,” says Michelle.

“Carving some from marble, some from the ethers, the shape of each piece revealed something special I found from within. This was my journey for Within.”

Here is the piece “With Doubt”:

Believing in the power and inherent spirituality of music with its great potential to unite, connect, and touch us all, Michelle shares her music at concerts, festivals, yoga studios, healing centers, and special events. In 2018 she debuted her Harmonic Sound Immersion™ a transformative sound meditation created by the healing vibrations of ancient & modern instruments, which she describes as a kind of ‘horizontal concert’.

With Tenderness:

Michelle Qureshi’s albums are heard around the world on new age, ambient, and guitar-focused radio programs and streamed millions of times on global platforms. She’s received awards and nominations for her music, including from Zone Music Reporter and One World Music, with high reaching releases on various music charts as well.

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