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Moore & Finzer – Let There Be Light


Multi-instrumentalist Tom Moore and award-winning New Age flutist Sherry Finzer are ready with a new album called “Let There Be Light”.

“Let There Be Light” is the follow-up to the duo’s highly successful release of “Whispers from Silence”, which received world-wide airplay on FM, Internet Radio, SXM Spa Channel and numerous airline placements. “Whispers from Silence” also received nominations from Zone Music Reporter for Best Relaxation/Meditation Album 2016 and Best New Age Album 2016 from One World Music Radio.

This album’s music is an expression of a journey. It is about movement not only in our outer life, but equally on the inner plane. Light is the most omnipresent element in nature. The universe is made up of light, which then becomes vibrations and sound. The purpose of this album is to help bring “light” to the listener in as many forms as possible.

“Let There Be Light” can be purchased on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes, and streamed on Spotify and Pandora.

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About the artists

Tom Moore is a multi-instrumentalist who creates, plays, and produces meditative, ambient, atmospheric, and electronic music. He states that the music he creates and performs comes from, and is intimately interwoven with, his path as an explorer of consciousness. He is also the founding director of a business focusing on human potential named “SENSE of PURPOSE COMMUNICATIONS” where he shares “Pathways” to live a purposeful and exceptional life through his seminars and workshops.

Tom, who often performs as Voyager Tom Moore talks about his music: “I create, record, and perform ‘Space Music.’ It is transcendent music and inspires us to move beyond our boundaries, and explore the timeless depths of space with a spiritual musical vision. My ‘Outer Space’ audio journeys express the awe of outer space and the excitement of the exploration of our physical universe. My ‘Inner Space” music uses sound and silence to create deeply meditative music that helps us shift our attention from external stimuli to the more subtle place of ‘Feeling and Being.’ My music intends to express an undercurrent of awareness and an inner spiritual presence. I believe it is this spiritual dimension that gives real meaning to our lives.”

Moore often plays at planetariums, festivals, yoga and meditation gatherings, and at such events as national space conventions. He also released an album of music that was a featured part of an Arizona’s Commission on the Arts one-year traveling exhibit. His music was integrated with visual exhibits for a highly acclaimed audio- visual experience. His music has been heard on New Age genre music stations, including the syndicated “Music from the Hearts of Space,” and was included in the award winning “Illumination” video production that also included music by Steve Halpern and Jonn Serrie. Last year’s release of Whispers from Silence was nominated by ZMR for Best Relaxation/Meditation Album 2016.

Sherry Finzer is an international award-winning American flutist, composer, and performer. Based in Phoenix, AZ, she has toured with guitarist Darin Mahoney, Native American flutist Mark Holland, Australian pianist Fiona Joy, pan-global percussionist and 7-time GRAMMY Nominee Will Clipman, and Windham Hill pianist Scott Cossu. She is a Guo and Pearl Flute Performing Artist, and records on her label, Heart Dance Recordings. Musically, Finzer has evolved from a classical, competitive flutist to recording acclaimed new age music albums. Sherry says, “I was drawn to new age music because it helps people with healing and I have learned how much people can be affected in a positive way by music.”

Sherry’s sound is influenced by the different genres of music she plays, by the artists she collaborates with, and by the flutes she uses. She uses various types of flutes to create her pieces, where the sounds of wind instruments are mixed with Gregorian chants, ethereal sounds, and other ethnic instruments to create a sensation of relaxation. Reviewers have described her playing as “deeply haunting….ambient chamber music….calms and yet piques the senses.”

Altogether she has recorded 14 of her own CD’s, and has recorded on songs and albums with guitarist Paul Speer, Andy Mitran and Al Jewer, and several local Phoenix artists. Her album with guitarist Darin Mahoney and Will Clipman – Trialogue, won the award the Zone Music Reporter Award for Best Album Acoustic 2016. Flute Flight, recorded with Mark Holland, won the ZMR Best Relaxation/Meditation Album 2015 and was nominated by One World Music Radio (Best Album Acoustic 2015). Sherry’s music has been featured on Echoes, and is heard on the SXM Spa Channel, Pandora and Spotify.