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“Munda” by Osmunda Music


Osmunda Music aka Rebecca Trujillo Vest has just released an album called “Munda”. The essence of “Munda” is about diversity; diversity in culture, humanity, and love, which is expressed in Rebecca’s lyrics, music, and performances.

Rebecca’s inspiration for this album “Munda” came about during her travels for over a year with her Martin Backpacker guitar through Europe, Israel, and India. By reaching even further into a creative extension of herself, she wrote and performed with a variety of musicians. “I felt like a part of me was born, a part that I’d like to share with the world.”

This album is dedicated to Rebecca’s dad “Durf” Jose E F Trujillo.

You may listen to it on Spotify:

“Munda” is currently a featured album on New Age Stars Radio.


Rebecca Trujillo Vest began singing and playing guitar in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early 1970s as a young girl. She moved to Los Angeles in the mid 90’s.

Private moments shared with her guitar were a nurturing experience she describes as similar to a mother’s love. Rebecca, along with her husband Michael Vest, started the band Space Babies. She starred as Osmunda of Fallopia in Earthstar Continuum, a sci-fi/comedy/musical web series. She also starred in Monkey Flower, a sci-fi/comedy set in Venice beach. She also appears as a guest vocalist on “Earth Water Air Fire – Chants to Inspire Devotional Singing”. In 2010, she and her husband Michael opened Earthstar Creation Center, a wonderful recording studio in Venice, Ca. Together they have co-produced many projects from this magical, creative space. Rebecca is also the board chairwoman & executive music producer for the Mar Vista Art Walk.