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Music to My Heart Vol. 2 – Music by John Adorney & Words by Prem Rawat


It is rare to come across a collection of music that is both complete in its own right, while also being a fantastic starting point for something much bigger. Music to My Heart, Vol. 2 contains four excellent tracks by John Adorney. It is also a great place to start if you want to get to know the teachings of Prem Rawat. Two of the pieces by Adorney are previously unreleased.

The album is now available internationally on mainstream distribution channels, such as Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.

Prem Rawat is an international speaker and book-author. His teachings include a meditation practice called “Knowledge” and peace education focused on discovering personal resources. His most recent book is Hear Yourself – How to find peace in a noisy world (2021). Rawat states that light, love, wisdom and clarity exist within each individual, and that the meditation techniques which he teaches, and which he learned from his teacher, are a way of accessing them. In his public talks, he quotes from Hindu, Muslim and Christian scriptures, but he relies on this inner experience for his inspiration and guidance.

John Adorney is an award-winning composer and producer. Adorney’s 12th solo album, The Garland was released in 2019, and his second installment in the Toward a Gentle Place series, A Silver Thread, followed in 2020. The third and final album in the series is The Touch•Stone, released in April 2021. The Bells of Distant Stars, featuring Daya, is his most recent release.

Music to My Heart Vol. 2
The album starts with a fade-in and light textures. Rawat opens with a quote by Aristotle: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” This is also a key principle of everything that follows. If you are a John Adorney fan, you will recognize his signature sound immediately; the piano sounds heavenly! Rawat’s message is that you have to hear yourself above the noise of the world. Self-knowledge requires practice, as if learning to play an instrument.

Next out is Sailing Across. Using ship metaphors, Rawat shows us how waves are symbols of good and bad, love and disgust and similar opposites – and how we must set sail and navigate through it all. Everything we need is already available within us. Adorney’s music fits wonderfully with the narrative.

One of the finest pieces on Music to My Heart, Vol. 2 is True Focus. In the beginning, the orchestral build-up sets the stage – especially the cello. Adorney’s music is a great representation of the sounds playing in our hearts when, according to Rawat, true focus sets in. It results from actually hearing yourself. Everything else drops away. That is music to my heart in a nutshell.

“There is a lot of noise in the world, but there is also a song being sung: the lifelong song of the breath coming in and going out.”
– Prem Rawat, from his book Hear Yourself

The Miracle of You starts slowly with synth pads and gentle textures. Rawat speaks about the power that simply is, whatever you choose to call it. It has been there for billions of years – and will be there for billions more. Adorney’s flute theme is magnificent! I love the heartbeat-like rhythm and inspiring atmosphere; It is as if witnessing the atoms and molecules that Rawat tells us about. The miracle in this context is you – if you only “tune into” the right frequency. The ending is positive and upbeat.

You may sample the album here: 

In conclusion: True to its name, Music To My Heart, Vol 2 channels Prem Rawat’s inspired words directly to the listener’s innermost being. John Adorney’s moving compositions underline Rawat’s message and create an atmosphere where happiness, love and inner peace can blossom.

There is a fine connection between music and words, and Music To My Heart, Vol 2 makes the most of it. The album is a fantastic introduction to the teachings of Prem Rawat with almost limitless replay value. Play it whenever you need guidance and clarity.

Also, if you like what you hear, check out John Adorney’s Music to My Heart (2009), especially since these albums are quite short (20 minutes each).

Music to My Heart, Vol. 2 is available on eversound.com and TimelessToday.

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