Music to My Heart Vol. 2 – Music by John Adorney & Words by Prem Rawat


EverSound, in association with TimelessToday, proudly presents Music To My Heart Vol. 2, a groundbreaking release featuring excerpts of Prem Rawat reading from his best-selling book Hear Yourself, published by HarperOne. The quotes are interwoven with uplifting musical pieces by John Adorney. 

You may sample the album here: 

Music To My Heart Vol. 2 is a wonderful introduction to Prem Rawat and his message, with captivating soundscapes that are delicate, engaging, and soul-stirring. The melodies and sparkling atmospherics on the four tracks incorporate musical influences from around the world, and include styles ranging from new age, electronic, neo-classical, and alternative pop.

Two of the pieces by John Adorney are previously unreleased.

The tracks:

1) Self-Knowledge Is Like Music – 4:45
2) Sailing Across – 5:50
3) True Focus – 5:08
4) The Miracle of You – 4:26

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