Nader Vasseghi – Sacred Gift


An outpouring of Nader’s self-expression and sound healing sprung forth in the form of “Sacred Gift”, his debut album. The album’s title is derived from Nader’s view of music as a perpetual gift to humankind, that in this case, blossomed through him – something he views as yet another gift.

Press release by Higher Level Media

While the majority of the music on “Sacred Gift” is performed by Nader, the album does feature guests Hans Christian on cello, Silvia Nakkach on vocals, and Joss Jaffe on both table and bass guitar. Much of the inspiration for this album was drawn from a series of poems by Rumi and Hafiz, originally in Farsi, which reinforce Nader’s themes of music as a gift that acts as a bridge between the world of spiritual and material. Another source of inspiration for Nader’s work was derived from his own dreams.

Enjoy the amazing title track:

The melody and structure of the song “Fragments of a Dream” actually came to Nader in a dream. Right after he woke up from the dream, he went to the piano and tried to recreate the melody. Over time, he added other instruments and vocals which led to the final version of “Fragments of a Dream” on the album.

Nader’s musical philosophy and the enduring message of Sacred Gift can be encapsulated in his quote featured on the album cover, “Music is the language of the soul, the bridge between the world of material and ethereal, a universal tool to create beauty on earth. And beauty points the attention to the source.”

BT Fasmer’s comments: “Nader has delivered a powerful and inspiring album, perfect for both active listening or in the background, especially for creative work. It has an atmosphere that you just have to experience for yourself. Highly recommended!”   

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