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New Album by Asher Quinn


Asher Quinn, aka. Asha, has just released an album called “Calvary Hill”. The album contains 12 original and new compositions, and over 73 minutes of music. Composed on, and inspired by, Calvary Hill, just outside Budapest, where Asher lives.

The songs are mystical, reflective, tender, dynamic and quite folky, and they sing of love, loss, sacrifice, redemption and spiritual evolution. Additional classical guitar and mandolin is provided by Géza Kremnitzky of the folk duo Hungarikum Együttes.

The artwork was designed with Asher’s younger son, Isaac, and the music and design really speak of an integrated piece that seems more than the sum of the parts. The CD is in a beautiful digi-pack format pressed by HDCopy in Szeged, Hungary, with a 12-page booklet, and many photos and spiritual images.

Here are Asher’s description of some of the songs:

“Deep, deep, deep in my heart I know that there is divinity. As I child I had the instinct for it, but not the understanding, and so what organically developed was an unstoppable impulse to uncover the understanding that could match my faith. Understanding and faith are destined to find each other, like long lost lovers; they are destined to meet and marry. So the power and persuasion of this alchemical romance becomes a Grail adventure. Little by little, I am migrating from the earth to the sky… from the seen to the unseen world… from the physical world to the spiritual. As I understand my feeling for God, I become my feeling. I am in constant communion.

I made a vow… to never give up on this search. I am compelled to find my mystery lover (the truth about God), no matter what. Even if I lose everything… my possessions, attachments, narratives, sanity and even my incarnation. She is the divinity whom I know is calling me home in my heart. She whispers messages of love, faith and hope all the time, and blows me tender kisses of support. She plants regular little sign-post messages left in a trail of synchronicities all along the dusty path. As I get ever closer, I hear her song. She is virtue, and my love for her inevitably fosters humility, gratitude, undying faith, grace and divine inspiration.

Counter-forces are also very active, however; forces who are opposed to my/our spiritualisation, and wish me to lose my connection to the spirit world forever, and stay mired in the material realm where they can feed off me. And these forces are deadly. They are the deadly sins. They gain entry through the forms of Godless science, doubt, fear, security, mechanistic thinking, temptation and illusion.”

Read the rest of the highly inspired text on Asher’s homepage – where you also can sample and purchase the album.