New Album by Asher Quinn



Asher Quinn is now ready with an album called Sun, Sorrow, Flowers, Moon. About the album Asher says:

This is a collection of songs that I’ve loved, mostly growing up, but also from more recently! There are great classics here that I’ve re­interpreted, like Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Scarborough fair’, which I’ve sprinkled minstrel magic on, Elvis’s ‘Can’t help falling in love’, where I croon, and Percy Sledge’s ‘When a man loves a woman’ with its’ emotional chord structure borrowed from Pachelbel’s Canon, but also more obscure songs like Dylan’s sleepy ‘All the tired horses’ and ‘Kilkelly, Ireland’, by Peter Jones (not the department store or Dragon’s Den entrepreneur!)… which I find impossible to sing without crying. We’ve discreetly edited the tears out!

I sing in three different languages other than English, too… French, Spanish and Hungarian! ‘Le facteur’ is by French/Greek singer­songwriter Georges Moustaki, who died this year. He wrote for Edith Piaf amongst others. I’ve remained very faithful to the original arrangements, but nevertheless, it turns out to be a subtly different ice­sculpture of a rendition. ‘Llorando se fue’ is a Bolivian folk­song that got morphed into the Lambada by Kaoma in the 1990’s, but I knew it in its original form as a kid, and was enchanted. It was used at the 1978 world cup in Argentina as the opening ceremony song! I’ve managed to combine the Andean, ethnic folk feel with the bootylicious vigour of the Lambada somehow, in the alchemical cauldron of my musical kitchen! ‘Tavaszi szel’ is hewn from the Hungarian soul and nature… it’s their ‘Greensleeves’ equivalent; a children’s folk­song that everybody knows, with a profound message of love! I sing it first in Hungarian and then in English, using the cimbalom, a traditional Hungarian instrument, in the arrangement.

See information on Asher Quinn’s homepage, where you also can listen to samples.

Track Listing

1.   Scarborough fair/Canticle (Traditional/Paul Simon)
2.   Stir it up (Bob Marley)
3.   When a man loves a woman (Percy Sledge)
   Calm after the storm (The Common Linnets)
   Ballad of the crystal man (Donovan)
   Bird on the wire (Leonard Cohen)
7.   Poor little fool (Rick Nelson)
8.   Don’t think twice (Bob Dylan)
9.   Llorando se fue (Las Kjarkas)
10. Le facteur (Georges Moustaki)

 Tupelo honey (Van Morrison)
12. Fields of gold (Sting)
13. Natalia (Georges Moustaki)
 Kilkelly, Ireland (Peter Jones)
 Colours (Donovan)
 Can’t help falling in love (Elvis Presley)
17. All the tired horses (Bob Dylan)
 Tavaszi szel (Traditional Hungarian)