New album by Asher Quinn: Grail Songs


Asher Quinn has a new album ready for us called “Grail Songs” – and it is actually his favorite album from his rich discography.  

Asher writes:

“Grail Songs is a collection of 12 new love songs, expressing how I experience the extraordinary joy of earthly love and attachment, and the ever-attendant spectre of the pain of loss, and how it interweaves with the mystery of higher love… where the one leads to the other.
My heart has taken me to Hungary, first through an earthly soul love but now very much to the mystery and magic of a higher love Grail path. It is as if it is all arranged by higher beings, and I experience blessing, initiation, mercy, inspiration and transformation in equal measure.
I say ‘Grail path’ because that’s what the road to love and truth really is. The original Grail, exoterically, was said to be the chalice used at the Last Supper, and which caught the blood of Christ on the cross, taken ‘home’ and protected by the Apostles, and then on in a chain to King Arthur and the Grail Knights of the Round Table, and beyond. Esoterically, however, the symbolism refers to the process of purification and sacrifice necessary if one aspires to a spiritual path that prepares the emotional heart to receive the higher love of the Holy Spirit.
The music totals over 77 minutes this time… almost two albums in one… and guesting are my Hungarian friends Székely Ilus (Yloush) on female backing vocals, and Géza Kremnitzky who plays additional acoustic guitar and mandolin. The front cover image is taken from the body of work by another friend in Budapest, Christian artist András Simon and the whole sumptuous digi-pack set of graphics was designed with me by Szabolcs Dávid. The pressing, too (at a very good rate), took place in Hungary, at HDcopy.”
You may sample and download the album on Asher’s homepage.