New Album by Maurice Hirschhaut – Music from Above III


The new album Music from Above III from Maurice Hirschhaut has been released worldwide on Sunday the 13th of May. It is the third album with music that helps to open up your spirituality.

Fifteen songs with different effects but they all have in common that they help to connect you with your spiritual guides. It will touch your inner self and opens you to receive the help you so eagerly want to get from your guides from above. Every song has been composed and played by Maurice in connection with his own spiritual guides.

Maurice Hirschhaut was born in 1955 and lived till his thirties in Amsterdam.
As the second child of two Jewish and severely traumatized parents by the holocaust and their years in Auschwitz, Maurice had a tough childhood. His humor and passion for music as well as his spirituality helped him to survive.

Maurice has been a musician since he was 13, and has been a singer in different bands (Hard Rock, Symphonic Rock, Blues to New Wave). He also plays classical piano and freestyle guitar. In the sixties and seventies, he was found daily in the Vondelpark with the Chicago Hippies. In 1982 he started his own New Wave band called “Worlds End” and was directly signed to the record company Polydor with the singles ‘Spy in Rome’ and ‘Moments of Hope’ (see below picture).

In 2014 Maurice he met his new wife Caroline and together they help people to solve their personal issues and to enjoy life at the fullest. Since music has always been Maurice’s way to express himself, it was a logical step to use his musical talent in their work with people as well. Since 2015 he makes spiritual albums together with his guides from above. They guide his hands while playing the compositions. His music comes to him in a trance and when the compositions are in a final stage, it is the moment he can listen to it for the first time. Lots of people has been helped and inspired by this music. In 2019 Maurice and Caroline decided to release the Music from Above albums so everybody can enjoy the special effect.

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