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New Album by Niall


Niall’s new album is called “Spirit Warrior”. It is a release heavily influenced by large skin drums, Native American flutes and chants, native soundscapes with contemporary and traditional sounds. 

Niall is an award-winning composer from the UK. He has released 25 albums of world, spiritual, relaxation, meditation and Native American music. Last three albums where “Total Serenity (2014),  “Earth Angels” (2014) and “Masterpeace” (2018)

Here’s the opening track from the album, “Powwow”: 

Niall says:  “After many requests from fans to do another Native American album, this exciting creation is a celebration of the beautiful Native American People and Culture.”

Spirit Warrior” is available on Niall’s homepage and Amazon.

Previous fan favorites are Native American Nights (2010) and Spirit of the Shaman (2008).