New Album by Steven Halpern



Although the CD won’t be released for a few months, Steven Halpern’s new album Mindful Piano has now been made available on his website.

In his June newsletter he writes:

Carlos Santana describes the Universal Tone in his autobiography: “The Universal Tone is about universal consciousness…It’s a way of using sound to connect with the Divine in all of us.

He writes about his lifelong quest for the perfect guitar tone. In my own quest, I’ve fine-tuned the perfect piano sound on this new album. The tone is so extraordinary, I was hooked immediately. My masterful recording engineer and partner in musical manifestations, Warren Kahn, had just installed the latest Pro Tools software updates, which allowed us to chain several cathedral reverb algorithms together in ways never before possible.

The result was immediate, and magical. The depth of the soundfield drew me in like a magnet. I could not stop playing. What begin as a sound check to record one new song blossomed into a continuous download over several hours that resulted in the unexpected gift of an entirely new album.

I have never heard any other artist’s piano sound like this, and I bet, neither have you.

You can sample the album here.